Thomas Gronnemark

The world’s leading expert throw-in coach.

Thomas Gronnemarks’ biggest dream is to help football coaches all over the World, so their teams are reducing the loss of possession, scoring more goals, and winning matches with a Throw-in.

His philosophy is called “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in,” and he´s helping you through club throw-in coaching, books, talks, conferences, online courses, and inspiration.

Liverpool FC went from 18th in the Premier League at throw-in possession under pressure (45,4% in 2017/18) to 1st (68,4% in 2018/19). The 2018/19 season was Thomas Gronnemark´s first season in the club.

Liverpool scored 10-15 goals per season after throw-in situations from 2018-2023.

Thomas been a part of 14 titles in international football.