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It is a course made by Thomas Gronnemark that teaches you “The Long, Fast, and Clever Throw-in”.

The Long throw-in.

Thomas Gronnemark helps players in improving their throw-in technique to throw more efficiently. He is involved in video analysis as well as 30 other technical elements. Most players improve by 5-10 meters, with others improving by up to 15 meters.

A team can use a long throw-in as a set-piece weapon if it has one or more players with it.

Every team benefits from the long throw-in development. For the teams who are not doing long throw-ins toward the opponent’s goal, it´s just as important – like Liverpool FC and Ajax. If the fullback can throw longer, they will also have a greater throw-in area. The bigger the throw-in area, the more options they have to throw to a teammate.

The Fast Throw-in.

When there is a throw-in situation, Thomas teaches the players how to mark quickly and throw fast. It's sometimes advantageous to throw rapidly but throwing into a pressure zone, it's sometimes the worst thing you can do.

With my "Fast Throw-In Drills," I teach the players when to throw fast and when to be patient. The greatest selection is sometimes after 1.5 seconds, and sometimes after 12 seconds. When paired with the principles from "The clever throw-in," the fast throw-in can lead to a chance or goal, or it can be used as a counter-attack.

The clever throw-in.

My clever throw-in teaches the players how to create space all over the pitch. On the football pitch, I'm working with three zones and 40 different throw-in equipment. The players are learning the various tools through simple step-by-step drills.

Coaching License C:

Who can access it?

Everyone can access Coaching License C. There are no prerequisites, and it serves as the starting point for the coaching course.

Coaching License B:

To access Coaching License B, you need to have completed Coaching License C first. It builds upon the foundational knowledge from Coaching License C.

Coaching License A:

To access Coaching License A, you must have completed both Coaching Licenses C and B. Additionally, you will need to apply for Coaching License A separately, as it represents the highest level of coaching expertise within the course.
Each coaching license level provides a progressive learning experience, allowing individuals to enhance their coaching skills and knowledge as they advance through the course.

Yes, for each coaching license level that you complete, you will earn a certificate. You will be issued a certification after fulfilling the requirements and proving competency at each level. This will validate your achievement and expertise in coaching. These credentials demonstrate your dedication to professional growth and can be useful tools in your coaching career.

No, there is no specific time limit to complete the coaching licences. You can progress through the courses at your own pace, allowing flexibility to fit the learning into your schedule.

Yes, once you complete a coaching licence, you retain access to the course materials. You can revisit the content whenever you want, making it a valuable ongoing resource for your coaching journey.

Yes, we provide continuous support and updates. You'll have access to any new materials or improvements to the courses. Additionally, we offer a community forum where coaches can connect, share insights, and seek advice from each other.

The duration of each coaching licence varies, and the total time commitment depends on your pace of learning. For specific details on course lengths and time requirements, please visit the checkout page for Licence C, Licence B, and Licence A.

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