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Unleashing the Power of Throw-ins in Modern Football

A Revolution in the Beautiful Game

In the ever-evolving world of football, mastery of every aspect of the game is essential. Thomas Gronnemark, the world’s leading throw-in coach, changed the way we look at throw-ins, making them more than just a way to restart the game. By redefining the art of the throw-in, Gronnemark has not only transformed Liverpool FC but also left an indelible mark on football’s biggest stages. From winning the Premier League to conquering the Champions League, his influence echoes through the trophy cabinets of the world’s most prestigious clubs.

The Game Inside the Game: Why Throw-ins Matter

Frequency & Time: With 40-60 throw-ins per match and 15-20 minutes devoted to these, the importance of throw-ins is undeniable.

Scoring Opportunities: Thomas’s teams have scored 10-15 goals per season from throw-ins.

Tactical Edge: More than a mere possession tool, throw-ins can be as effective or even more impactful than corners and free-kicks.


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Transformational Journey: Thomas Gronnemark’s Impact

Thomas has not only coached but transformed teams, turning throw-ins into game-changers.

Success in Numbers

Premier League Transformation: Liverpool FC’s throw-in possession surged from 18th to 1st, with 10-15 goals per season from 2018-2023.

Trophy Cabinet: Champions League, Premier League, World Club Championship, Dutch Championship, Brazilian Championship, French Cup, Eastern Conference, Danish Championship x2, and more.

The Gronnemark Philosophy: Long, Fast, and Clever Throw-ins

Thomas’s unique approach extends across three dimensions.



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