GRONNEMARK'S live coaching

Thomas Gronnemark has worked with the world’s leading clubs and federations.

One Day Coaching

Unleash the hidden power of throw-ins in this One Day Coaching Event with the professional Throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark, and unlock new ways to transform the coaches´ throw-in coaching skills.

2 Day Inspirational Visit

Our typical suggestion to a new customer is our inspirational visit concept – and then later go for a season agreement. We are happy to offer you an inspirational visit of two intensive training days at the location, including a theoretical coaching session, and two travelling days in both ends of the stay.

Season Long Coaching

Thomas Gronnemark’s coaching is all about turning throw-ins into an advantage. He’s worked with Liverpool FC and other top clubs, and the results speak for themselves: more goals, more wins, more trophies. His methods can help any team get better. By learning his techniques, your team can turn throw-ins from a simple restart into a way to score more goals and win more games.